The Author

Call me Anne, a finicky stay at home mom, graphics artist wannabe, certified landlubber (who can’t swim to save her own life) and social media nut, blogging all the way from the outskirts of Rizal, Philippines.I am a sinner saved by grace, a daughter of a king, a health & breastfeeding advocate, foodie, frustrated chef with promising knife and plating skills (thanks to repeatedly watching Top Chef, all seasons, over and over), photographer wannabe, a crafter, vintage lover, online shopper, a lifestyle blogger, a funsize wife of an enigma, a cave mom of 3 adorable munchkins who drive their parents to the brink of a major meltdown every single blessed day.

Our Crew

D Husband – Mr. D, our God-fearing head of the family, the love of my life, my best friend, critic, go to guy, grocer, chef, baker, carpenter, mad scientist, botanist, human healer, merman, favorite Cebuano, partner in crime, our walking encyclopedia, and super dad to our three fabulously funny kids.

D Wife – Mrs. D., wife and mom blogger who doesn’t leave her mom cave, who rarely finds anything edible in grocery stores, who doesn’t find anything healthy in health stores all because she reads labels haha.

Miss Artsy – Our first born, our Science whiz, Filipino subject evader, who has her own unique sense of humor, our charming yet weird little lady artist who can go through a whole rim of bond paper in a matter of days.

The Little Hulk – Our unico hijo who is thinks he’s related to Tarzan, a 3 year old who thinks he’s the boss of us, who gets away with murder (it’s his smile), who loves bath time so much he keeps pulling his dad to the tub, and who always, always leaves behind a huge trail of mess for mom to pick up.

Little Miss Banshee – The baby of the clan, who’s eye for anything aesthetically pleasing looks promising, our drool-inator, who clings only to her mom and wails about anything and everything under the sun.

What I Blog About?

DIY projects, trends, events, honest reviews, recipes, life hacks, parenting, family adventures, mishaps, blunders and whatever I can think of!

When it comes to reviews, I have this rule: If I don’t have anything nice to say about something (a product or service) I won’t write about it at all. I’d rather focus on talking about awesome experiences and promoting those that I deem share-worthy. 😉

Why I Blog?

I started out as an avid blog reader myself, having browsed through numerous tutorials, diy projects and step by step recipes that I’ve lost count. Being the stubborn and overparticular to a fault person that I am, I never really find the exact something that I look for in a single blog entry, so I end up combining 3-5 articles plus my own personal touch to get the result that I specifically want. It made me think, why not document and write about it since I went through all the trouble? That, and my wanting to share the over the top craziness going on with our lives (to let other families out there know that, they’re not alone, we’re on the same team of crazies), gave birth to the realization of writing my own blog. Oh did I fail to mention that I tend to take things a little overboard when I find a good deal on something I like. I won’t shut up about it too, so my husband suggested that I should blog. What can I say, I married a genius! Haha.

I try to post as much as my free time permits, focusing on DIY projects, cooking recipes, food, parenthood, homemaker tips & tricks, and reviews which I enjoy the most, showcasing a bit of my photography skills with my camera phone.For inquiries, ad space, promotions, collaborations, product reviews, invites and PR, kindly send me an email at stretchyourpeso@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!




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